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General terms and conditions from company H. Forster – KParking-Parkservice

1. Accomplishment of the Valet Parking contract
By handing over the vehicle into the custody of the employee of the company H. Forster – KParking-Parkservice and the handover or acceptance of the parking ticket respectively, a valet Parking contract is accomplished. Vehicle height may not exceed 2.00 meter.

2. Parking duration, consequences arising out of exceeding the agreed-upon parking times
The maximum parking time is two months. In case of a prior agreement in written, a longer parking time is possible. If the vehicle hasn’t been picked up within four weeks after expiration of the agreed-upon parking time, the company H. Forster – KParking-Parkservice shall be entitled to sell the vehicle by auction after a written announcement. The revenues will be placed at the disposal of the owner after deduction of the incurred expenses plus rent for the total vehicle placement time. If the revenues don’t cover the costs, the owner or the person who delivered the car, is obligated to compensate company H. Forster – KParking-Parkservice for the remaining amount. In case of loss of the parking ticket always the time entry available to the Lessor are valid.

3. Delivery of the car
The car can only be collected against presentation of the parking ticket and after settlement of the costs incurred unless prior arrangements have been made in written at car collection. The company H. Forster – KParking-Parkservice is not authorized to return the car to a person not presenting the original parking ticket, without further verification of the legitimation.

4. Price
For each collect and return activity, a non-recurring remuneration for valet parking will be charged plus the remuneration applicable to the relevant parking garage or the car park respectively. The respective prices are announced on our homepage

5. Liabilities
The lessor is liable for all damages during the transport of the vehicle to the parking complex caused by him, his employees or delegates. The liability amount is limited to 150.000 Euro. Larger claims are to borne by the lessee. Third party liability claims from the opponent are solely settled via the general liability insurance of the vehicle owner. Claims against the company H. Forster only exist in case that the no-claim bonus of the vehicle insurance is reduced due to the damage caused. The lessee is obliged to immediately inform about a damage, where obvious damages have to be reported on vehicle return in any case. The lessor is not liable for damages caused by third parties. This is also valid in case of theft or when the vehicle exceeds the maximum allowed height of 2.00 meter. In case of deliberate act and in case of an act of gross negligence as well as damages arising from death and injury to body and health for contractual and torious liability claims, the lessor is liable without restraints. This is also valid for a neglect of duty by servants or legal representatives of the company H. Forster. For slight negligence, the company H. Forster can only be held liable in case of a breach of the fundamental responsibilities. In this case, the liability is limited to foreseeable typical damages and up to a liability amount of EUR 1.000,00. Neither security patrols, nor safekeeping are subject of this contract.
In case a vehicle doesn’t start because of a malfunction, it is the responsibility of the customer to take corresponding measures. In the case that the vehicle doesn’t start on return, Komfort-Parking Fa. H. Forster cannot be made liable for arising costs for the return or for accommodation expenses (taxi, rental carm hotel). Komfort-Parking Fa. H. Forster does not accept any liability for technical malfunctions that occur after the vehicle has been handed over or before the vehicle is returned to the customer (e.g clutch, gearbox, etc.). The customer is responsible for any required repair. Vehicles that do not start anymore because they are equipped with a bad or empty battery, will be bridged by us, without the guarantee of a proper functioning afterwards. A subsequent replacement of the battery is excluded.

In general, the renter cannot be made liable for damages that could have been caused by a force majeure on the outside car-park (non-roofed car-park).

6. Reservations
After receipt of a written confirmation, the reservation is binding to us. If the reserved parking place is cancelled or not utilized, no further costs arise for our customers. After vehicle return at the terminal, the entire reserved period of time will be charged even if the vehicle is picked up before the agreed-upon reservation time has expired.

7. Legal venue
The legal venue shall be Düsseldorf, unless no imperative legal prescriptions are conflicting.

Edition November 2006
1 - 7 days only 38,00 € minimum charge for a parking place, not sheltered each additional day 3,00 € * Tarif A
1 - 5 days only 37,00 € minimum charge for parking place in parking house/underground parking each additional day 4,00 € *
*plus one-time 15 € service charge for collecting and returning your car                                                                              Tarif A

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