Parking garage with Service and parking        near Düsseldorf Airport
                 While you are travelling we take care of your car. Against fair prices!                  
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Attention: important security information
- We advise our customers more precaution when bypassing personal information. That your security has a high priority for us, you can also see on our reservation form. When making a reservation through our homepage, nobody has to specify either his address or his bank connection details. In this way, hackers can never find out when your home or your bank account is unattended. We have the opinion that across the internet, no secure data transfer is possible. When handing over personal data, this is nearly always suggested.
Furthermore, we recommend taking a sheltered parking place during the summer. Due to the climate change, more and more hail showers and storms are forecasted for the summer.
What is valet parking?

Valet parking means parking the vehicle by an employee (valet from to valet). The vehicle and the car key are handed-over at a central location to a person who is authorised. This person parks the car againgst an additional service charge of 15€, commissioned by the customer and returns the car to the departure terminal for collection.

Save valuable time now and use the new, comfortable K-PARKING-Airport-Auto-Service:
You drive with your car to the departure terminal where K-PARKING employee is expecting you, who is taking car of the formalities and the car transfer. Your car is parked on a secured place. During collect and return, your car is insured. Please refer to our general terms and conditions.

You can deliver your car every day between 04:00 and 19:00 to our employees at the departure terminal. Of course, you can get back your car at any time of the day. A reservation is obligatory and should be carried out on our homepage 1 to 2 days prior to departure. You will receive an email with the confirmation with the detailed procedure within 12 hours.

K-PARKING Airport-Auto-Service advantages:

You park in a secured area which can’t be accessed by unauthorised persons. Our parking garage is additionally secured by a rolling gate. Every vehicle becomes a 3 meter wide parking spot. Common is 2.30 m.
  • Valuable time saving at the airport (e.g. no time consuming search for a parking place)
  • no time delay at other services (e.g. waiting for the shuttle bus)
  • no complicated luggage transport from the car to the terminal
  • Absolute security for women travelling alone
  • Your key is deposited in a secure place and can’t get lost during your travel
  • Your vehicle is insured during pick-up and return from and to the departure terminal
  • Reservations are binding for us
No damage to your car by reckless coevals, since only employees from K-PARKING are allowed entering our parking garage/parking area (see security).
1 - 7 days only 38,00 € minimum charge for a parking place, not sheltered each additional day 3,00 € * Tarif A
1 - 5 days only 37,00 € minimum charge for parking place in parking house/underground parking each additional day 4,00 € *

*plus one-time 15 € service charge for collecting and returning your car                                                                              Tarif A

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All prices are incl. 19 % VAT